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The Surprising Health Benefits of Assam Black Tea



Green tea might be getting all the press, but black tea also deserves your attention because of its remarkably potent health benefits.

Black tea deserves just as much press as green tea once you realize all of the benefits, including: reducing stress, improving memory and decreasing your risk for stroke! Be sure to learn more about Body Ecology's top-rated black Assam tea yielding 60-90 servings per bottle - ideal for hot tea or iced tea recipes - and check out the limited-time SUPER special opportunity on the Body Ecology Tea Pack!

Black tea, the second most popular beverage in the world after water, has been a part of medicinal and cultural traditions for centuries. If you grew up in the south, "sweet tea" was served at every meal. Here in Atlanta, where one of our Body Ecology home office is located, every restaurant still offers black tea.

Now, however, due to the growing prevalence of Body Ecology's highly acclaimed stevia, you have an option of ordering it with or without sugar. (Always be sure to keep a bottle of our great-tasting, sugar-free stevia in your pocket or purse if you enjoy sweet tea or coffee and want a great substitute for unhealthy sugar and artificial sweeteners.)

Long considered a folk remedy, new scientific studies have shown that black tea can:

Assam Black Tea - The Superior Black Tea

We make our Top-Rate Body Ecology Black Tea concentrate (very economical at 60-90 servings per container!!) with specially selected black Assam tea leaves. Assam tea is a superior kind of tea grown in the Eastern Himalayas, where the Indian mountains meet China and Myanmar.

The climate there is warm and wet, cradling the tea leaves in moisture as they grow.
We employ a unique process to preserve the polyphenols, chemical substances in the Assam tea leaves that have antioxidant properties.

As your body functions, it constantly produces unstable molecules called free radicals that damage other cells in your body. Black tea antioxidants, like polyphenols, scavenge your body for these free radicals to neutralize them...and may even repair the damage they cause.

Our delicious black tea is superior to others because we use a special process that preserves the polyphenols, while other brands lose them during processing. The result is a concentrate just as potent as our Green Tea.

Body Ecology's Black Tea Concentrate

If you've tried Body Ecology's Green Tea Concentrate, then you already know some of the wonderful reasons to choose our special formulations.

Body Ecology's Black Tea Concentrate is extracted from the finest blend of Assam tea leaves using purified water. It is:

You can enjoy the healthy benefits of black tea anywhere! And if you like your tea sweet, be sure to add a few drops of nature's ideal sweetener, stevia. Not only does stevia give beverages (or any food) a sweet taste, it is also calorie-free, regulates your blood sugar, and aids digestion.

Often, starting new health habits means taking extra steps and finding time in our already busy lives can be a challenge. This is why we are committed to bringing you products that support your health and healing AND provide convenience.
With our Black Tea Concentrate, you get all the healthy benefits of black tea, concentrated, so that all you have to do is add about 20 drops to hot or cold water.
So pull up a chair and pour yourself a cup of the world's healthiest beverage. Body Ecology's Black Tea Concentrate is the ideal way to quench your thirst and enhance your health.

Drink to your health! For 3-days only (or while supplies last) Save 20% when you buy Stevia, Black Tea Concentrate and Green Tea Concentrate in our special tea package! Learn More About This Body Ecology Super Special Tea Package Opportunity Now!


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